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Aerospace Concepts logoAerospace Concepts Pty Ltd

Aerospace Concepts is a growing Australian Company that specialises in four program areas covering: Certified design and analysis of aerospace flight vehicle simulation software and production of associated range safety templates; Management of aerospace systems development involving space-based and ground-based hardware and software; Definition of major Defence capabilities using a Model-Based Systems Engineering approach; and Design of Engineering Management Systems.

Aerospace Flight Sciences logoAerospace Flight Sciences Pty Ltd

Aerospace Flight Sciences offers design and certification services for civil aviation. In addition it is involved in the development of an Environmentally Responsible Aircraft (ERA). This aircraft will incorporate the latest technologies to provide low fuel burn and low emissions. The Company operates within an Engineering Management Systems consistent with European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Regulations and Australian Defence Organisation Technical Airworthiness Management Manual (TAMM) Regulations.

Aerospace Solutions logoAerospace Solutions Pty Ltd

Aerospace Solutions is a specialist Australian company that delivers professional and independent systems and software engineering, contractual acquisition and sustainment logistics, weapons and platform engineering, training and project management services to the Commercial and Government Aerospace Industry sectors.

Airborne Composites Pty Ltd

Airborne Composites is a specialist manufacturing Company that provides composite structures and parts fabricated using various methods and the latest CAD/CAM techniques. Airborne Composites is experienced in a range of manufacturing methods from wet-layup through to resin infusion molding, using carbon, fibreglass, Kevlar and various sandwich materials.

Kayar Pty Ltd

Kayar is specialist Company that provides custom developed electrical, instrumentation, and avionics design supporting flight test and associated data acquisition systems. Kayar can also provide software prototyping and development services and has experience in development of navigational flight displays, high precision laser altimeter systems and flight control systems for UAS and helicopter-towed EM systems.

V-tech logoV-Tec Pty Ltd

V-Tec Pty Ltd provides specialist flight control, autopilot and systems design, development and integration capability. V-Tec can also provide software development services related to flight control and autopilot systems and CAD services as required.

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